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Snape’s Betrayal_Chapter Three

Please tell me if I have made any grammar or spelling mistakes. I don’t care how small or big. I want everyone’s honest opinion about this chapter. Thanks :D

DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter characters and world belong to the amazing author: JK Rowling. Only the made-up characters and imagination belong to me. :D

The next night, Severus nervously paced in the dark alley, a few blocks from Amelia’s flat. He appeared in the alley thirty minutes early, but struggled with himself to get even close to Amelia’s door. Severus stepped in and out of the dark alley. His long black trench coat swished behind him. Severus glanced down at his muggle black suit. He didn’t want to wear anything remotely muggle, but he didn’t want Amelia’s nosy neighbors getting suspicious. Severus looked towards one of the flats and found someone peeking out of the window. He quickly stepped back into the dark alley. A million things whirled around in Severus’s head as he loosened and redid his tie for the tenth time in a row. He kept telling himself Amelia will be in danger if Voldemort or any of his goons found out. Still, his heart needed her and true love only comes once in a lifetime. During the years without Amelia, he felt like half of soul was missing. Severus walked onto the lit sidewalk, straightened his tie and gathered all his courage.

“I’ll protect her because I love her with all my heart and soul to just let her go.” Severus proclaimed and marched up to Amelia’s flat. Severus was about to knock when the door immediately opened.

“Good evening, Severus,” Amelia smiled brightly.

Severus seem puzzled, “How did you-”

“Oh, I saw you pacing in the alley.” Amelia interrupted him.

Severus nervously chuckled as he ran his hands through his hair. He was still standing outside, looking down at his feet. Amelia waited for him to come in, so she grabbed his arm and pulled him inside.

“You look very handsome in your muggle suit.” She complimented as she helped him take his coat and placed it in the closet, “Black goes well with you eyes, even though they have a hint red in the light.”


“Yes,” Amelia softly said. “You can change back to your wizardry clothes if you want.”

“Do you mind?”

“I don’t mind at all.”

Severus waved his wand over his clothes. His muggle suit changed into a long sleeve black jacket button all the way to his neck and black trousers that covered his leather black boots. Severus’s long jet black hair swiftly fell over his shoulders.

“You have forgotten one thing.” Amelia moved towards Severus, unfastening the top button of the jacket and pulled out the collar of his white shirt, “Now, you look perfect.”

“You look perfect as well.” Severus blushed.

Amelia wore a long red wine color dress with black lace roses that came down over her red high heels. Her black-blue curls laid gracefully down her back. She twirled around for Severus to take a good glance and curtsied, “Thank you, Mr. Snape.” Amelia laughed and led Severus to the dining room.

Severus glanced around her flat. It was painted in light blue with dark blue carnations, individually painted on the walls. There were pictures of Amelia’s family and friends hung on one of side of the dining room. He took a closer look of Amelia laughing and smiling in the arms of Sebastian. He glared at the moving picture with jealousy in his eyes. Severus made his way towards the table. The table was already set with a lovely bouquet of red carnations in the center.

“Take a seat and make yourself comfortable while I get our dinner.” Amelia quickly stepped through the kitchen door.

Severus noticed the table was set for two. “Will Mr. DeSpellmon be joining us tonight?” He asked, taking a seat at the end of the small square table.

“No, he is eating dinner with his parents.” She replied from the kitchen.

Oh, so it’s just the two of us.” He whispered to himself and his heart began to beat faster, “I assumed you and Mr. DeSpellmon were…”

Amelia came out of the kitchen with two plates of lasagna and a bowl of salad floating behind her, “That we were what?”

“I thought that-”

“You thought Sebastian was my boyfriend?” She placed the plate in front of Severus and took a sit opposite from him.

“Well, yes,” he looked down at his plate.

“Well, Severus, you are wrong, for once your life. Sebastian and I are just friends.” Amelia stated. “Besides, I owe him my life.”

He dropped his fork on his lasagna. “What do you mean?”

“He saved me from being attacked by a dragon on my first day at work.” She laughed.
“Being attacked by dragons is not a laughing matter.” Severus sternly said. “You could have been killed.”

“I know,” Amelia sipped some of her red wine. “It’s just that I got to close to a baby dragon that wondered away from his mother. She realized her baby was missing and found me petting it. The mother got angry and came charging towards me.”

“How did Mr. DeSpellmon save you?” Severus curiously asked.

“Sebastian came flying down in his broom and swift me off my feet. She didn’t fly after us. All she wanted to do was protect her baby.” Amelia lightly chuckled.

Severus cocked his eyebrow. “A broom, huh?”

“Sebastian lecture me on and on about the safety procedures when being near dragons. I argued back, telling him that it’s my job to observe dragons in their natural habitat. Then he told me off saying that petting dragons was not part of my job.” Amelia and Severus laughed.

Severus reached across the small table and placed his hand over Amelia’s. “I am just glad Sebastian was there to save you.”  

Amelia glanced down at Severus’ hand and smiled. She remembered the warm touch of Severus’s hand and affection in his eyes from so long ago. Amelia wanted to say something, but Severus pulled his hand away.

“I am sorry.” Severus cleared his throat and physically realized his hand was caressing Amelia’s.

“So… do you only serve drinks at the Hog’s Head?” Amelia just blurted something out.

“No, I also create new drinks with certain potions,” Severus replied, “Parlin says that I am the best Potions master he has ever encountered.”

“You were the best student in Potions class, besides me. Why didn’t you ask Professor Dumbledore for the position as the Potions professor?” Amelia suggested.

“I never thought of that.” Severus shook his head, “I guess I was still thinking about being a Defense against the Dark Arts professor.”

“At least, you still be teaching.”

“Yes, teaching a bunch of dunderheads.”

Severus” They both laughed loudly.
Severus and Amelia continued their dinner conversation. Amelia told Severus the great news that has been bestowed upon James and Lily. James and Lily were wed a year after graduating from Hogwarts. They were now expecting their first son in three months. Amelia also included that Sirius was chosen to be the godfather.

“That is great news for Lily and Potter.” He humbly said through his teeth.

“Sirius was so happy that he went out and bought so many toys he could possibly find.” Amelia smiled.

“That offspring is going to end up a trouble maker just like Potter and Black.” Severus took a big gulp of his wine. “He better not be in any of my classes when I get a job at Hogwarts.”

Amelia giggled. “He’s not going to be a trouble maker if he has Lily for a mother.”

Severus just sat silently picking at his food. “Maybe.”

After dinner, Amelia and Severus took their tea and pastry into the living room. Amelia sat down on the couch first. Severus couldn’t decide if he should sit beside her or on the recliner. He didn’t want to give Amelia mix signals about their current relationship and decided to sit at the opposite end of the couch.

Amelia glanced from the corner of her eye and frowned a little. “You know could move down a little closer.”

“No, I am fine.” Severus said, his tea cup shaking in his hand.

Amelia silently stared at her cup of tea. “I saw Remus the other day. He looks ghastly. The transformations are taking a major toil on his body. I can’t stand seeing him this way and with that ridiculous new law. He can’t even find a proper job.”

Severus lowered his head. “You still care about him?”

“Well, yes, he is my friend and I care greatly deal what happens to all my friends.” Amelia stated. “This world can be so cruel. It could also be hard on us muggle-borns, trying to prove that we are also powerful.”

Severus’s memory flashed back to Voldemort’s speech on Amelia’s origins. “How come you never told me you were a muggle-born?”

“I didn’t think it was that important or is it?”

“No, it doesn’t matter.” Severus sipped his tea quietly, thinking about Voldemort’s consequences.

There was a long pause between Amelia and Severus. Severus had mix emotions running through his mind. He wanted to tell Amelia the horrible mistakes he made in life, breaking up with her, joining Voldemort’s ranks, and the murders. If she knew the truth, would she still want to be with him and risking her life in the hands of Voldemort or will she turn him into the Ministry? Either way, he will lose her forever.

Severus looked over Amelia’s direction. He gasped and almost dropped his tea. Amelia had move closer to Severus and was looking straight into his eyes.

“What were you thinking about?”

“About us.”

“What about us?” She softly whispered.

Severus couldn’t stare away from the beautiful dark brown eyes sparkling in the light. He brushed back a dark curl behind her ear and trailed the back of his hand down her jaw line. Amelia sighed at the touch of warmness. Severus placed both of his hands at the side of her face. He has been waiting a long to time to feel, touch, and taste her lips again. He has been waiting a long time for the wall of thorns to be torn apart by the love of his life. Severus closed his eyes and leaned closer.

AHHHHHHH!</b>” Severus felt a searing on his left arm. “NOT NOW!

Amelia stared horrified at him. “Severus, what’s wrong?

NOTHING!” He screamed, trying to make his way to the door.

That pain is not nothing, Severus.” Amelia placed her hand on his arm and he shoved her down on the floor. Severus realized what he did and saw the blood dripping down from Amelia’s arm.  He stared away and staggered out the door without saying a word to her.

Amelia quickly got up and ran towards the door. “Severus, don’t go!” Severus had already vanished. He didn’t look back at Amelia, falling to her knees and holding her bloody arm against her side or the drops of tears pouring down like rain on her lap. Severus’s evening was ruined by Voldemort and his chances with Amelia slipped away from his grasp.
Snape’s Betrayal_Chapter Three

Please tell me if I have made any grammar or spelling mistakes. I don’t care how small or big. I want everyone’s honest opinion about this chapter. Thanks :D

DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter characters and world belong to the amazing author: JK Rowling. Only the made-up characters and imagination belong to me. :D

I think this chapter drags a little. Sorry for the delay. Exams are finally over and I'll do my best to type up the rest of my fan-fictions. I hope everyone enjoys reading this chapter. Thank You. :D
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